About MCAP

The Maryland Coalition Against Pornography is a volunteer based organization. Focused on the Nation's Capital Region, we work to protect children, families and communities from the devastating effects of pornography.

MCAP's Goals

To seek to raise community standards and eliminate the destructive influences of pornography by:

  • Educating the public
  • Encouraging enforcement of federal and local obscenity and child pornography laws
  • Taking appropriate action against businesses that deal in pornographic materials
  • Supporting businesses that do not distribute pornographic materials
  • Supporting federal and state legislation to control obscenity and child pornography
  • Providing help for those struggling with addiction to pornography
  • Protecting minors against exposure to pornography

The Advisory Board

Dave Brown—Director Washington Area Christian Men’s Ministries

Donna Rice Hughes—President “Enough Is Enough” 

Dr. Jerry Kirk—Chairman and Founder pureHOPE

Bishop David Perrin—Senior Pastor Christ Kingdom Church

Roberta Roper—Maryland Crime Victims’ Resource Center, Inc.

Patrick A. Trueman—President National Center on Sexual Exploitation

Dr. Ann Yeck—Marriage and Family Therapist Licensed Psychologist

The Rev. Curtis Young—Pastor Emeritus Presbyterian Church of the Atonement



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