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How do I know if I'm addicted to pornography?

  • You are unable to resist looking at it.
  • You are preoccupied or obsessed with pornography.
  • Efforts to stop viewing it have failed.
  • A great deal of time is spent using pornography, masturbating to it, and recovering from its effects (feeling shame, failure).
  • Pornography interferes with your job, schooling, family life.
  • The need to increase the intensity of pornography (escalation) or frequency of its use in order to achieve the desired effect.
  • Irritability or tension build-up if unable to use pornography.

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What can I do to overcome an addiction?

Get Educated

Read books to understand better your addiction beginning with how it affects more than just you. Learn more also from this website things that you may not have known about pornography.

Get Counseling

It is important to get counseling by a professional who is familiar with the problem of sexual addiction. If you need help in finding such a person, contact the organizations who have an outreach to addicts and to spouses of addicts.

Join A Support Group

Join a support group for Porn/Sex Addicts. Many areas have a Sex-aholics Anonymous group, or your counselor may know of one that would be helpful. Accountability to a group or a trusted friend is an important part of recovery.

Join An Organization

As you walk the path of healing from your addiction, join in the fight against pornography by joining an organization.


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