Recommended Links

Helpful Websites...

American Family Association
American Mothers
Alpha Omega Clinic
Archdiocese of Washington: Anti-pornography resources and self-help listings
Abuse Watch: resource center (researchbrochures) for learning about Child Abuse awareness and prevention.
Chastity Project see also their Lust is Boring podcast
ChatDanger: Families to become more informed about online chatting dangers
Clean Hotels
Community Defense Council Anti-Pornography
Dr. Judith A. Reisman: exposing fraud in sex science and education since 1977
Enough is Enough!
Feed the Right Wolf: Help for Porn Addiction
Family Friendly Libraries
Filtering Software- Free 
Focus on the Family: Do you know what your kids listen to? 
For Every Girl
Fortify: Designed to be Used On Any Device, more than fifty short videos that cover the science of addiction, the harms of pornography, tools to help you break free, and other helpful information, 18 Personalized Battle Strategies, Personalized Battle Tracker Calendar. Go at Your Own Pace, Earn Badges and Track Your Progress. In-Depth Inventories and Personal Surveys
Get Net Wise
Hopeline connecting survivors of domestic violence to needed resources
The Human Trafficking Project
The iKeepSafe Coalition
Integrity Online: Cleans up internet behavior, and scans for objectionable material
Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic men break free from pornographic addiction
Integrity Starts Here Helping Catholics affected by pornography addiction
The Jewish Coalition against Domestic Abuse
The King's Men: Men's Group
Lighted Candle Society
Linnea Smith's Talkin' Trash
Long Island Citizens for Community Values: What One Person Can Do
Maryland Assembly home page
Man on the Road: Focused mainly on helping male porn addicts
Men Today Online: Effects of Internet Pornography
Montgomery Co., MD Cyber Safety
National Center on Sexual Exploitation (In Spanish) View some recent conference talks.
National Law Center for Children and Families
New Freedom To Love: Truth about love and porn
New Life Partners: Support Groups for Wives of Porn Addicts
Online safety, Start the Chat (other languages available)
Operation Underground Railroad
Parents & Kids Talking About Sex
Parent Further
Porn Free Radio
The Pink Cross
The Porn Effect: on Men, Women and Marriages
The Porn Project
Porn Proof Kids
Pornography Statistics Report 
Protect Kids: Long list of national organizations
Protect Young Eyes: Suggested parent tech conversations with kids

Protect Young Minds
Pure Life Ministries: A Christian Ministry, covering sexual topics of all kinds
Pure Hope: formally known as National Coalition for the Protection of Children and Families (NCPCF)
Pure Online: Resource for pornography addiction
Safe Kids
Safe Place
Sexo Adictos Anónimos
Sex Help: Your path to help, hope and healing
She's Somebody's Daughter
Stop Trafficking Demand
Strive 21 Overcome porn addiction
The TV Boss
TV Guardian
Truth About Porn
U.S. Dept. of Education- Parent's Guide to the Internet
War On Illegal Pornography
Web Wise Kids- Wired with Wisdom
Women Empowered Against Violence (WEAVE)
Your Brain on Porn
Youth Wellbeing Project

Recommended Resources

Three DVDs recently featured at our exhibit:

S. Michael Craven's lecture, Pornography: The Deconstruction of Human Sexuality Oriented Advertising given on Nov. 4, 2007.
WARNING: Large MP3 file (39.5 MB)

Quest: Parenting in a Sexualized Culture