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Event: WRAP Week on the Horizon -Week of 10/27

Posted: 10-16-19

Watch the videos here.

Event: PG County Back-to-School Block Party

Posted: 08-16-19

Join us at the PG County Back-to-School Block Party on SATURDAY, AUGUST 17, 9 a.m.-2 p.m. PRINCE GEORGE'S SPORTS & LEARNING COMPLEX, 8001 SHERIFF ROAD, LANDOVER, MD. MCAP could use help with staffing our exhibit table at this event. If you could pitch in, please email or call 301-649-4053.

Start The Conversation Now

Posted: 06-13-19

Combating Youth Pornography Addiction Step-by-Step with Dr. Gail Poyner

Posted: 11-01-18

Hear her Oct 28th presentation here (slides).

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There's actually a lot that 1 person can do.

Is Porn Connected To Sex Trafficking? Take the quiz

Visit these websites:

State Resolution Progress
(States that have declared pornography a ‘public health crisis’.)

MCAP Calls for Action: Pornography is a Public Health Crisis

Porn websites now constitute 30% of all web traffic.  It has the same effect on the brain as drugs and most children are now exposed to pornography before they even reach puberty.  Pornography objectifies women and creates unrealistic expectations for relationships, acting as a twisted form of sex education. Viewing it is linked to an increase in sexual violence and a decrease in empathy and self esteem among viewers. The porn epidemic has been called "the largest unregulated social experiment in human history" (Hughes 2014).
MCAP is asking our Maryland legislators for this resolution as a call to action, stating that this problem has become more than any individual or family can combat on their own. We need our legislative bodies, educational institutions, private businesses and community members to educate, prevent, and treat this growing pandemic. A resolution does not change existing laws, but it does create a foundation on which to build changes in attitudes and policies. Please sign this petition!  Start the conversation in your community and in your home. Pornography is creating a public health crisis. An online version of this petition is here.   Post it on your Facebook account, help us spread the word, mention it to your legislators. We are seeking sponsors.


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