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Attend the NCOSE Summit in July

Posted: 06-19-21

The Maryland Coalition Against Pornography invites you to attend the National Coalition On Sexual Exploitation annual VIRTUAL SUMMIT.  It is being held from July 20th to July 24th online and the registration fee that we are paying will allow you to not only attend on those days but also provides access to recorded sessions online at any time, so you can catch up on the various topics and presentations at your leisure.  We’d like to get your response to the summit and see if there might be a chance that you could assist us on one or two projects during the year, once you have seen some of the presentations.

Here is the link for information about the summit:

Over 100 experts will be presenting and over 25,000 attendees from 115 countries are expected!

Event: WRAP Week starts 10/25 - Pornography Awareness

Posted: 10-17-20

Pornography Awareness Week brings together hundreds of national, state and local groups, along with driven concerned citizens in a massive effort to educate the public on the harms from pornography and the many resources available to aid those affected. National WRAP Week always starts the last Sunday of October. Religious and civic leaders – we urge you to take a stand, share resources, preach a sermon to enlighten people about porn’s many harms. See for resources.

White ribbons are being phased out as the icon for this week, so 2020 will be the last year you will receive these (see inside enclosed envelope). Moving in a different direction, we are offering a decal with many possibilities for where it can be displayed – on your laptop, tablet, cell phone, car, notebooks, etc. Let’s get the word out, with particular emphasis on the growing evidence of how porn harms the brain. To that end, see our web page on brain science.

Event: Fourth of July No-Show Dinner Dance fundraiser

Posted: 06-22-20

Although planning events and activities has been a challenge, MCAP still has goals to pursue, particularly during this month of June, national Internet Safety Month. We particularly wish to equip and educate the public about the dangers of porn to minors  We want the book Good Picture, Bad Pictures  to be available in every school library and public library system, so we are making strides to see that happen.  We also admire the movie Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age, and want to facilitate more screenings of it in our state.   Can you help us to raise the funds to do that?  Or would you like to help spread the word about these resources and help MCAP get them into the right hands?  Contact us.

Please see our flyer for more info about our Fourth of July No-Show Dinner Dance fundraiser.

Sign the Petition: Pornography is a Public Health Crisis

Posted: 02-13-20

MCAP Calls for Action: Sign the petition "Pornography is a Public Health Crisis". Start the conversation in your community and in your home. Pornography is creating a public health crisis.

Sign the Petition: U.S. Needs an Age-Verification Law

Posted: 01-03-20

"It’s been since the late ’90s since Congress passed a large-scale solution to a child’s instant access to pornography. More than 20 years later, children are accessing pornography more than ever before and with hardly any restraint. Technology has never been in a place like it is today to make online pornography difficult to reach for a child. It is time that Congress passes a new law regulating the porn industry. Sign the petition and tell Washington, it’s time for a new law to protect children from the harms of pornography."

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There's actually a lot that 1 person can do.

The Dirty Dozen List - major contributors to sexual exploitation.
Is Porn Connected To Sex Trafficking? Take the quiz

Visit these websites:

State Resolution Progress
(States that have declared pornography a ‘public health crisis’.)

MCAP Calls for Action: Pornography is a Public Health Crisis

Porn websites now constitute 30% of all web traffic.  It has the same effect on the brain as drugs and most children are now exposed to pornography before they even reach puberty.  Pornography objectifies women and creates unrealistic expectations for relationships, acting as a twisted form of sex education. Viewing it is linked to an increase in sexual violence and a decrease in empathy and self esteem among viewers. The porn epidemic has been called "the largest unregulated social experiment in human history" (Hughes 2014).
MCAP is asking our Maryland legislators for this resolution as a call to action, stating that this problem has become more than any individual or family can combat on their own. We need our legislative bodies, educational institutions, private businesses and community members to educate, prevent, and treat this growing pandemic. A resolution does not change existing laws, but it does create a foundation on which to build changes in attitudes and policies. Please sign this petition!  Start the conversation in your community and in your home. Pornography is creating a public health crisis. An online version of this petition is here.   Post it on your Facebook account, help us spread the word, mention it to your legislators. We are seeking sponsors.

Support the Board

The Executive Board has several opportunities for you to learn how to
advocate for decency in the fight against pornography. We are looking for
volunteer helpers to mentor in areas of public education, lobbying State
and Local elected officials and general association management. We
have a solid team and are looking to expand our reach. Anyone interested
in joining in this exciting endeavor, contact us.


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